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About Us: Our Story

A few months ago, my wife Julie and I "jumped off a cliff." Metaphorically, that is. 

With 34 years of marriage and having raised two incredible daughters, we went for it. Started a new life.

We moved to Boulder, Colorado. Check out The No Huddle Life Manifesto for the rest of the story.

Boulder is one of the great cities for fitness and outdoor activities.  I swear to God, everyone looks like they're training for an Ironman competition or something.

We're kind of new kids on the block with the outdoor adventure scene. There are so many world-class athletes and masters of the outdoors in Boulder.  It's inspirational. It can also be kind of intimidating.

But that's one of the guiding principles of No Huddle: we're outside adventure "for the rest of us."

We love checking out the cutting-edge outdoor magazines and websites. With amazing people doing amazing things.  

But I want to know how to get my ass in a kayak without falling in the freezing Boulder Creek, and which one to buy to get started. Or how to descend down a mountain on a bike without risking my life …

Answers to fundamental questions., like: "If I wanted to start (your activity here), what essential techniques would I really need to know?" "What basic gear should I buy to get me out doing this thing?"

On our YouTube channel, No Huddle Life, we seek out world-class gurus to teach a beginner with a passion (me), to have some sort of success with the activity of the day: backpacking, fly-fishing, fat-tire biking, kayaking, paddle-boarding, boulder-climbing … you get the idea. 

We aim to provide like-minded aspiring adventurers, the inspiration and know-how, to go for it.  Have some fun and do stuff—and reap the positive physical benefits.   

With our online store, No Huddle Outdoors, we're featuring our favorite brands of gear. Cool and innovative stuff for the outdoor (and indoor) explorer.

We work the trade show circuit, scour the Internet, look in the hip shops on Pearl Street in Boulder.  And every other source we can get our hands on, to find the most interesting gear and gadgets to recommend. 

The sheer number of products and choices can be overwhelming. We take to heart the mission of being meaningful curators for our community. Wherever possible, we consult our growing collective of outdoor experts. And when I say experts, I mean individuals who live for the outdoors. With a veritable Ph.D. level of knowledge. 

Their opinion and expertise can mean bypassing years of trial and error. Or avoid making less-than-informed purchases that sit unused in a garage or storage unit.   Customer care rules. If you call 1.888-4-NoHuddle during our business hours, you won't reach a robot. A real live sentient human being will answer. A team member here at No Huddle. 

If for whatever reason you get our voicemail, we'll call you back. And soon. We're here to resolve any question you may have about the gear.

The small-but-mighty No Huddle team is on a mission. We're all-in. 

I'm passionate about my new pursuits. I intend to master them all. Not likely I will, but I'll have a good time trying.

And rest assured, I hope to put all the gear on No Huddle Outdoors to some serious use.

If you're outdoors having fun, doing things that bring you joy, we're achieving our most basic purpose. 

Get away from the desk for a bit. Or get off the couch. And see if you can put down the electronic devices.

It's time to live! 

Ever outward,

Bill Rooney
Founder, No Huddle

P.S. A heartfelt thanks to our uber-valued flagship suppliers of top-grade outdoor gear. Thank you for sharing our vision.